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Taproom Manager - FT position

We are searching for a taproom manager who is confident in being the face of the taproom, capable of handling the day-to-day responsibilities associated with this role, and has the character to help us grow our business and brand.

Taproom Manager Responsibilities:

● Create/Maintain an inviting taproom atmosphere

● Establish/Maintain customer relations

● Display the ability to assess the environment and make decisions that will enhance the taproom’s mood/atmosphere

● Encourage/Maintain a positive working relationship with all staff

● Maintain a high level of cleanliness and organization

● Communicate effectively and positively (written, verbal, body language)

● Display a passion for learning about and educating others on beer

● Manage taproom scheduling/staffing

● Keep accurate inventory records and communicate restocking needs to administrative staff in a timely manner

● Maintain quality control of the beer in the taproom

● Maximize sales of all merchandise (beer, apparel, food, etc)

● Plan and execute special events in the taproom

● Master the taproom point of sale system and be able to train others

● Uphold all opening/closing duties to a high standard

● Communicate with existing and potential customers using all social media platforms

● Organize and creatively display Swing Barrel Brewing Co. merchandise

● Communicate with and schedule food trucks

Qualifications Considered:

● Is available to work full time (40 hrs/week)(nights and weekends)

● Demonstrates knowledge of craft beer + enthusiasm to learn more about the industry

● Exhibits excellent communication skills (written, verbal, and body language)

● Upholds exceptional customer service skills

● Shows aptitude for learning

● Possesses and demonstrates positive leadership traits

● Has prior experience in leadership positions, preferably in the craft beer or bar industry

● Possesses the ability to anticipate and de-escalate potential problems in the taproom

● Contains basic knowledge of tablet-based POS systems and other media software

● Is able to lift 35-50lbs.

● Maintains a level head when under duress or pressure

What Swing Barrel Brewing Co. 

Employees Can Expect:

● Fair compensation package based on the position held

● Genuine team experience

● Sense of empowerment with decision-making that reflects the overall company values and image

● Opportunity for increased roles and responsibilities

● Clear and direct communication

● Positive and fun working environment

● Integrity and honesty

● Opportunity to voice opinion in a productive and respectful manner

● Contribute to the overall success and growth of the company

● Be validated and appreciated for efforts and contributions

To Apply for this Position, Please Submit Application Requirements to [Email hidden] :

● Brief Cover Letter Introducing Yourself

● Resume

● Your Contact Information

● Two References with Contact Information

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